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Copyright Policy

What about copyright?

We love sharing GEMS in our app. And most of all pictures of those GEMS!

But please keep a few things in mind:

  • Only share photos that you have the rights to (copyright or a license)
  • Ask consent when you want to screenshot and publish photos that are not yours
  • Photos you have taken yourself can still infringe on the rights of others (like an illuminated Eiffel tower!)
  • Photos published via the GEMS app, or other (public or private) social media may still be subject to the copyright of another person
  • Make sure you have permission when you put a person recognizable in the photo
What to do if you believe your copyright has been infringed?

Let us know via and we will take your message serious, and we will respond quickly. This also in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We will suspend or remove users of the GEMS app on repeated allegations and at our discretion.

We will always warn the person whose content has been removed and give him or her the opportunity to file a defense.

What info do we need?
  1. Description of the work
  2. Description of the infringing content and where we can find it
  3. Your contact details
  4. A declaration that you are the rightful owner and that there is no right that allows the user to use this content
  5. Proof of representation when you assist the copyright owner
  6. Sign with your official name
What to do when my content has been removed?

When we have received repeated allegations of copyright infringements, it might be possible that GEMS blocks your account. You can file a defense claim via if you disagree or if you have proof that you own the copyright. Please provide us with proof and a reference to the content concerned.

Be aware that we might share your data with the person, representative or instance that made the initial claim.

Version April 2022.